There have been hundreds of popular lone survivor movies over the years, in multiple genres of film. So whether you're into chick fighting aliens, guys with leather masks and chainsaws, or some folks running from the undead, this list is for you!

  1. "Alien" (1979). When a commercial mining ship is on its way back to earth, it intercepts an SOS from a nearby planet. Obligated to investigate, the crew land on the planet, only to find a strange species that clearly doesn't like humans. The grisly and quite inventive special effects make this one of our favorite lone survivor movies.

  2. "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre" (1974). When five friends head to one of their grandfather's houses in the backwoods of Texas, After they pick up and drop off a crazy hitchhiker, they wander from the grandfather's abandoned house to the home of the crazy hitchhiker, and one of the most infamous horror movie villains of all time: Leatherface.One of the most influential lone survivor movies of the genre.

  3. "Unbreakable" (2000). David Dunn is a security guard who mysteriously is the sole survivor in a train crash that killed over a 130 people. After this happens, hemeets a man by the name of Elijah, or "Mr. Glass," who is pretty much the opposite of Dunn in terms of survival.

  4. "Friday the 13th" (1980). When a group of counselors venture to good old "Camp Crystal Lake"  to re-open the abandoned children's camp, they slowly but surely begin to find out why it was abandoned in the first place. This film introduced another of the most iconic legends in film history, making it a must on our favorite lone survivor movies list.

  5. "Resident Evil" (2002). When a virus escapes a large underground lab, an elite military team is sent in to prevent the outbreak from reaching the neighboring city. One of the most popular video game  franchises becomes a great movie franchise, definitely earning its place on our list.

  6. "The Ruins" (2008). Four friends on vacation in Mexico meet a young German fellow who asks them to come along on an archeological dig. They get to the site, but instead of finding the friends that were supposed to meet them there, local Mayan villagers chase them into the ruins of an old temple, inhabited by deadly plants. A lone survivor movie in its truest form, "The Ruins" is sure to tickle your fancy. Just be sure its not vines doing the tickling.

  7. "Centurion" (2010). In the early 100's A.D., Rome has nearly conquered Britain. The sole survivor of an ambushed Roman frontier joins up with the famous 'Nint Legion to eradicate the Picts from the Earth, the only  group stopping the Roman conquest. An example that proves the lone survivor genre has and always will be a popular one.

  8. "Wolf Creek" (2005). Three friends, on a back-packing trip through the outback, make their first stop at Wolf Creek National Park, and head back to the car to find it doesn't start. They sleep in the car, until a friendly local shows up and offers to tow the vehicle back to his place and fix it. They agree, but later realize the 'friendly' local isn't as friendly as he seemed. A great addition to our list of awesome lone survivor films.

  9. "I Am Legend" (2007). Robert Neville is a scientist in New York City who inadvertently created and accidently released a virus that wiped out all of mankind He himself immune, Neville continues to send out radio transmissions looking for survivors, meanwhile also looking for a cure.

  10. "28 Days Later" (2002). After animal activists break into a laboratory and release chimps infected with a 'Rage' virus, the entirety of London is engulfed with the virus. After a man wakes up in the hospital to find London deserted, he ends up with a small group of people bent on survival. A great lone survivor film from ou brothers in the UK.