Lily Collins And 9 Other Hot Rock Star Daughters Who Went On To Act

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That's some fine acting, Lily! 

We here at Screen Junkies will undoubtedly be dragged along to screenings of Abduction this weekend by the teen girls we “volunteer” with. Luckily, Lily Collins co-stars opposite Taylor Lautner, so the guys will have something to look at as well. Lily began her acting career with roles in 90210, The Blind Side, and Priest, but is also known as the youngest daughter of “rock star” Phil Collins.

That comes as a bit of a surprise given the lack of family resemblance, but acting is actually a popular career path for the hot daughters of rock royalty. This fact is reinforced by the beautiful ladies below.

Liv Tyler

Pops: Steven Tyler of Aerosmith

Let’s get the most famous hot rock star daughter out of the way. Liv Tyler spent the first nine years of her life under the belief that she was the daughter of “Hello It’s Me” singer Todd Rundgren. However when she noticed her resemblance to one of Steven Tyler’s hot daughters, the cat was let out of the bag. It wasn’t long before she got to work being really hot professionally in Aerosmith videos, which led to roles in films like Armageddon, the LoTR Trilogy, Jersey Girl, and One Night At McCool’s.

Cosma Shiva Hagen

Moms: Nina Hagen of The Nina Hagen Band

Cosma Shiva received her odd name when her punk rock mom thought she saw a UFO while pregnant. Hagen has shown off her hotness in several German films, but hasn’t expanded her career very much in America. Unless you count her appearance in Speed Racer, which you probably don’t.

Chelsea Tallarico

Pops: Steven Tyler of Aerosmith

You might argue that Chelsea Tallarico doesn’t count as an actress given that her only IMDb credit is that of Bystander #1 on an episode of Lizzie McGuire. But let me ask you this; did you actually see her performance in the “Xtreme Xmas” episode of Lizzie McGuire? It was some damn fine bystanding. You really believed she was standing there. Also, she’s gorgeous. Let’s thank God everyday for Steven Tyler’s recessive genes.

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