Like Rihanna, Here Are 7 Movie & TV Characters Who Never Learn

Wednesday, February 22 by

Audrey Fulquard – Little Shop of Horrors

Although she dreams of a day where she can live happily in a tract house with her co-worker Seymour, Little Shop of Horrors’ original Audrey keeps returning to her abusive boyfriend. And this guy is scum. He’s a pain-loving sadist who routinely beats on her and orders her around, diminishing her sense of self-worth and preventing her from finding the happiness that is standing right before her. If he hadn’t accidentally overdosed, she’d still be trapped in that doomed life.

Ralph Wiggum – The Simpsons

Although Dr. Hibbard advised him that he wouldn’t get so many nosebleeds if he just kept his finger out of there, Ralph Wiggum persists with the clam-digging.

The Beta Plastics – Mean Girls

Gretchen and Karen are two of the most popular girls at North Shore High School. They’re gorgeous and confidant, but looks can be deceiving. Behind closed doors they are both berated by the alpha Plastic, Regina. She hurls so many insults their way that they are afraid to defy her orders and are left feeling worthless. Yet they return to the abuse every day in exchange for turning heads in the hallways.

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