Like Rihanna, Here Are 7 Movie & TV Characters Who Never Learn

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Whitney Houston was just buried, but Rihanna is already making it known she’s ready to pick up her mantle of bad decision making. Just a few years after being beaten severely by then-boyfriend Chris Brown, the singer and Battleship actress is now publicly flirting and making music with her ex.

Many maintain that Brown has worked on his anger issues and is trying to turn over a new leaf. However, the fact that he’s had about 75 angry, public outbursts since he beat in a girl’s face paints a contradictory picture.

This is surely part of the publicity machine promoting both artists, and we’re not here to condemn or judge. But at the same time, gross you guys. Why would anyone want to return to a situation that has caused them so much pain? Sometimes temptation is just too strong. As the characters on this list can attest.

Tommy Callahan – Tommy Boy

Tommy Callahan is a character who never learns. From cow-tipping to walking into windows, it takes a lot of effort to get him to open up and welcome some positive changes in his life. His lapsed intelligence is credited to his brain being clogged with malted hops and bong resin, but it goes further back than that, as he frequently ate paint chips and lived beneath power lines.

Harry and Lloyd – Dumb and Dumber

Harry and Lloyd just can’t say no to putting themselves in horrible situations. Throwing out all logic, they’re constantly stumbling through life falling victim to hot peppers, cold poles, and frozen urine. If only they’d spent some time learning from their mistakes, they could avoid the multitude of perilous situations they put themselves in on the day-to-day.

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