Let’s Watch Peyton Manning’s Funniest Moments (Since We Probably Won’t Be Watching Him On The Field)

Thursday, September 8 by

3. Peyton’s SNL United Way Spoof

This proved to a national audience that Manning could be funny outside the context of a thirty-second commercial. In this clip, he plays wildly against type, berating kids and breaking laws under the guise of performing public service. Just…just watch it.

2. Peyton Manning Cheering On Absolutely Everyone

This second MasterCard commercial reverses the roles a bit and demonstrates Manning to garner enthusiasm for everything from gas-pumping to deli meat-slicing.

“Never gonna wash this hand!”

1. Priceless Pep Talks – Minivan

This is one of many produced by MasterCard, all produced under the guys that Manning is a lot more cocksure than his “gee-whiz” façade would lead us all to believe.

“Yeah, you’re feelin’ me.”

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