Let’s Watch Peyton Manning’s Funniest Moments (Since We Probably Won’t Be Watching Him On The Field)

Thursday, September 8 by

6. One of Many “Priceless” Commercials

“They’re not saying ‘boo’. They’re saying “mooooo-vers.”

See? He’s an everyman!

5. SNL Locker Room Skit

Peyton is terrified of a little competition. So much so that he is pissing his pants at the thought of getting back out there. He just wants to get the “eff out here.”

But the man can dance.

4. Peyton Snaps At His Center

This clip is hilarious for two reasons. Firstly, he goes absolutely APESHIT at center Jeff Saturday during a game, screaming at him for suggesting aloud that the Colts run the ball more. Secondly, the clip is re-examined by both Manning and Saturday, which is pretty awesome considering how far off the deep end Manning went. Manning essentially just shrugs and says, “Yup. That’s something I did.”

Not laugh-out-loud funny, but still on par with his funniest scripted moments. Once he realizes he was miked up during his rant, he kicks back and claims the moment was “better than Desperate Housewives.”

Hard not to like the dude.

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