Let’s Watch Peyton Manning’s Funniest Moments (Since We Probably Won’t Be Watching Him On The Field)

Thursday, September 8 by
Dancin' machine Peyton Manning 

With the NFL season kicking off this weekend, the hottest topic of discussion is Peyton Manning’s neck injury, which will keep him from building on his impressive streak of 208 consecutive starts. Word today is that Manning is currently undergoing neck surgery because his head is on the verge of falling off or something. Whatever. This is a movie site. Go somewhere else for sports news.

However, because we’re a movie/TV/entertainment site, we would be remiss if we didn’t use Manning’s misfortune to capitalize on the soon-to-be influx of Google searches on his name. So, let’s all send some positive vibes to Manning, hoping that he not only can regain his health, but return to the gridiron, where the guy is every team’s worst nightmare when he has two minutes left and the ball.

Vibes sent? Great. Now let’s appreciate Manning for his work off the field. No, not charity. That’s lame. His unique brand of deadpan comedy that has made him one of the most marketable athletes in the world.

9. Football Cops

Not his most inspired work, but it’s amazing how much comedic mileage simply slapping on a fake mustache and a police uniform can get you.

Big drawback here: Being paired up once again with Eli. Eli’s just not that funny. We get it. They’r brothers.


8. Priceless Pep Talks – Love Handles

Just because he’s being a dick doesn’t mean he’s wrong. Sorry, Jesse

7. Sprint Commercial

Hmm. We’re only three entries in and we’ve already got two that heavily rely on Peyton Manning wearing a fake mustache. I don’t care.

I apologize for nothing.

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