Let’s Laugh At The 7 Biggest Movie Flops Of 2011

Monday, December 19 by

Cowboys & Aliens

Holy hell, this was a debacle. The genre-bending premise of cowboys fighting aliens in the old west, combined with a strong cast featuring Daniel Craig, Olivia Wilde, and Harrison Ford and direction from Jon Favreau failed to live up to anything. The production didn’t live up to its potential in any number of areas. The public loves a fiasco, and it seems people began to avoid this movie just to see how bad it could get. A budget of $163 million yielded a box office take of only around $114.

The Change-Up

The old body/mind transfer premise never gets old. Vice Versa, Like Father Like Son, and Freaky Friday are all pretty solid films. However, they’re low hanging fruit. People hoped for something more… Apatow-esque in getting Jason Bateman and Ryan Reynolds together. Instead, they got a fairly base film loaded with gross-out humor that was maybe a half-step above Harold and Kumar, but with more smugness.

Green Lantern

Every once in a great while, we get a reminder that audiences won’t mindlessly consume EVERY comic-book movie. It doesn’t happen often, but when it does, it’s heartening. Such is the case with Green Lantern, a film so bad it couldn’t be saved by a terrific cast. Pulling in only $116 million against a budget of $200 million, the film was universally panned, and, along with The Change-Up, proved that Ryan Reynolds wasn’t as bankable as once thought.

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