Forget About Natalie Wood’s Death And Rate These 8 Christopher Walken Impressions

Friday, November 18 by

Jay Mohr

This Christoper Walken impression is pretty much the only thing I like about Jay Mohr, besides his turn as Brett in Suicide Kings, where he first met Walken. I’ve heard this “Your dog. It has no tail!” thing about a dozen times, and it still does it for me, not unlike the Steve Coogan’s Michael Caine impression from The Trip.

Mohr is a very unlikable guy, but I love him here.

I award Jay Mohr 19 Walkens.

Kevin Spacey

Another pretty unlikable guy doing a killer Walken impression. Chris Walken was actually the first choice to play Han Solo, which would have been so weird my nose is bleeding just thinking about it. Anyway, this clip is from an SNL skit in which Kevin Spacey plays Christopher Walken, auditioning for the part of Han Solo, which eventually went to Harrison Ford. So damn meta.

I give Spacey 22 Walkens, with a 1 Walken bonus for the vest.


The Walken Dead

What they lack in quality, they more than make up for with quantity and a high-concept premise that makes me chuckle like an old guy with emphysema. Sadly, the writing here is better than it is on the actual The Walking Dead, so if the producers wanted to change the direction of the show entirely, I wouldn’t complain.

I would rather watch eight Chris Walkens waste my time looking for a little girl than T-Dawg and company.

25 Walkens awarded.

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