They've got the all the cars, money, guns, and women they could ever ask for. Like any other profession out there, pimping is extremely competitive--only the strongest survive. But like any profession, pimps come in all different shapes and sizes. Some are crazy and ruthless while others are sweet and funny! Take a look at eight of our favorite classic movie pimps.

Drexl in "True Romance"

Gary Oldman plays Drexl Spivey, a classic mean pimp in "True Romace". Drexl is everything you'd think a dangerous pimp to be. He's always stocked high on drugs. He dresses flamboyantly, always wearing printed and bold clothes with scarves and bandanas. He even has creepy scars on his face. Drexl is a pimp that scares and threatens women into prostitution for him. When they try to get away from him, he doesn't think that's even an option. He is one pimp we'd never want to cross paths with!

Willie Dynamite in "Willie Dynamite"

"Ain't no one crosses Willie 'D'"

Willie Dynamite (Roscoe Orman) is a typical 1970's pimp. He manages dozens of women for wealthy businessmen. He wears bold, boroque clothes and always sports big hats to go with his afro. He thinks he owns the world until finally all the drugs and illegal businesses catch up to him and his life is takes a crazy turn.

D Jay in "Hustle and Flow"

Terrance Howard plays D Jay, a pimp who wants to quit pimping. Instead of selling girl's for hours of sex, he want to become a rapper. This finally happens when he meets an old friend and they set up a radio channel. But even with advancements in his life, he is still haunted by the mistakes of his past.

Dolemite in "Dolemite"

Rudy Ray Moore plays Dolemite, a heterosexual pimp and perhaps the most legendary pimp of all time. He's a smart, glittery and gold-clad pimp with enough street cred to make even the scariest thugs fear him. After he's unjustly framed by the police for crimes he did not commit he rises to the occasion and shows everybody what hes really made of.

Fast Black in "Street Smart"

Fast Black, played by Morgan Freeman is one pimp you shouldn't walk away from--you should run! He looks like an ordinary, sweet man on the outside. But on the inside he's a raging sociopath. If one of his girls wants to quit prostitution he uses scissors and fists to persuade them to stay.

Goldie in "The Mack"

Goldie is a pimp not haunted by his sins, but his past poverty-stricken life. The women come to Goldie himself, he just supplies clients. He wears fur coats and fedoras, walks around with a cane and surrounds him with people that look just like him (a posse-party if you will.) He is one of the most classic pimps in movie history.

Flyguy in "I'm Gonna Hit You Sucka"

Flyguy (Antonio Fargas) has the craziest get-ups of all the pimps in this list! His signature look is definitely the one in this picture--a huge yellow hat with leopard print fur. He actually teams up with other people in the community to help get rid of gold chain dealing. Who knew, a pimp with a heart!

T.J. Hicks in "Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo"

T.J Hicks is a funny, original pimp that knows how to live! Instead of managing women, Hicks manages men! He helps them when they're in need and acts like a friend-- but don't get us wrong, hes still a hardass when it comes to work, and he don't really consider himself no pimp; he says he's more of a male madam. You'll always see Hicks in some sort of sportswear, usually accompanied by a big hat.