Lesbian movie scenes show a different side to girl power as audiences get a glance at romance between two love struck women. Movies with lesbian scenes delve into the strong allure of two women who find opportunities to express their deep affection for each other. Intimate scenes featuring lesbian characters are just as complex and passionate as any relationship in movies for audiences to experience. Any movie scene worth its weight needs to have some sort of impact, especially ones that involve lesbian love or relationships. Lesbian movie scenes add another level of depth and intrigue to any plot or character whenever possible. 

  1. "Chasing Amy." Kevin Smith wrote and directed this indie movie about a comic book author, Holden, who falls in love with a woman named Alyssa at a club one night. When Alyssa gets a kiss from her lesbian girlfriend, the scene shows Holden's almost heartbreak when he first sets eyes on her. Ben Affleck, Jason Lee and Joey Lauren Adams round out a stellar cast about the many facets of love.

  2. "V for Vendetta." Natalie Portman plays Evey who becomes engrossed in a plot to overthrow the fascist regime of an alternate future in Great Britain. Evey is captured at one point and discovers the story of another prisoner who was incarcerated for being a lesbian. This scene shows the intimate relationship that developed between an actress and female director and shows how repressive the society has turned into.  

  3. "Bound." Gina Gershon and Jennifer Tilly are respectively, an ex-con and a gangster's girlfriend who fall in love and hatch a scheme to steal millions in mob money. Their lesbian love scene together is one of the most memorable in film history. The Wachowskis took an unexpected romance between two polar opposites and made a convincing crime drama between the two actresses.   

  4. "Piranha 3D." An ode to drive in horror movie blood baths goes for broke and leaves no stone unturned for fans' entertainment. Riley Steele and Kelly Brook go for a long skinny dip scene that soon turns into lesbian make-out amongst the two. The movie cannot resist two hot women getting close and personal in this B-movie exploitation horror film.

- Eduardo Camacho