The Austin Film Festival history reveals that it is one of the longer lasting film festivals in the independent film business, having screened a large number of films that went on to be successful, as well as premiering films from talented directors and movie stars which have not yet been released. As it is based out of Austin, Texas, which is one of the main creative hubs in America's entertainment industry, the Austin Film Festival is rich with good films and is a popular destination for big name talents to spend a week promoting a film, sitting on panels or just enjoying the city and its local color. You can learn more about the Austin Film Festival's History below.

The Year It Was Founded. The Austin Film Festival's history notes that the festival was founded in 1994, when Austin was first being discovered as a real hub for independent filmmaking. This was the year that Quentin Tarantino was making waves with "Pulp Fiction," Robert Rodriguez was becoming popular as a director and Richard Linklater was one of the most recognized independent filmmakers around.

When It Runs. As South by Southwest, one of the largest festivals for independent music, film and now technology, was already dominating the springtime in Austin, the Austin Film Festival wisely decided to be an event in the Fall of each year, in October, so as not to compete with SxSW. As the Austin Film Festival's history and success shows, this was a smart decision.

What the Festival Focuses On. According to the Austin Film Festival's history, it focused on bringing professional and amateur screenwriters together, as well as filmmakers and actors, to examine how they are integral to great filmmaking and storytelling. This is unique, as few film festivals place the majority of their focus on the writer of a film.

Past Participants. Past participants in the Austin Film Festival's history include Sydney Pollack, Wes Anderson, Joel & Ethan Coen, James L. Brooks, Barry Levinson, John Landis, Robert Altman and Oliver Stone. There are many more incredibly talented filmmakers, writers and actors who have als taken part in the Austin Film Festival during its illustrious history.