Since it only comes around every four years, there aren't that many Leap Year movies. The few Leap Year movies released haven't exactly done well at the box office or with critics, either. Leap Year movies range from romantic comedies to horrific tales.

  1. "Leap Year" (2010).  2010's "Leap Year" was a romantic comedy starring Amy Adams, known for her role in "Enchanted." In the film, Adams plays Anna Brady, a woman who is disappointed after her boyfriend doesn't propose to her. Following an Irish tradition, she decides to propose to him herself on February 29. She travels to Ireland to propose, only to get stuck in Wales due to the weather.  In the end, she gets the guy, but it may not be the one she was after originally.

  2. "Ano Bisiesto" (Leap Year) (2010). "Ano Bisiesto" is a disturbing film from Mexico, directed by Michael Rowe. It has the honor of being the first Mexican film to win the Camera D'Or award at the Cannes Film Festival. "Ano Bisiesto" tells the story of a woman named Laura, played by Monica del Carmen, who is haunted by her past. It is a sexually explicit, graphic film.

  3. "The Leap Years" (2008). "The Leap Years" is a film from Singapore about a woman who meets the one-who-got-away every four years on February 29. While the premise sounds like it will appeal to those who love romance, the film was panned for its poor acting and cheesey storyline.

  4. "February 29." "February 29" is a horror film from Korea. In the movie, a girl, Ji-yeon, who works at a tollgate receives a blood stained ticket at midnight a few days before Leap Day. According to her friend, someone dies at the tollgate every Leap Year, following a mysterious accident twelve years earlier, when a prison van crashed, killing everyone onboard. After her friend is murdered on February 29, Ji-yeon takes matters into her own hands. 

-Amy Freeman