Kiefer Sutherland’s 7 Most Famous Roles (Besides Jack Bauer)

Wednesday, January 25 by

Lt. Kendrick – A Few Good Men

Lt. Kendrick is a decorated Marine who only respects the authority of God and his colonel. In that order. Although he’s fiercely loyal, he’s also seen as weak by his superiors due to an earlier disciplinary action. Despite locking away a Marine without food for a week as punishment, he’s not considered strict enough. Then again, he is stationed at the especially brutal Guantanamo. You can’t get any respect there without wearing ear necklaces.

David – The Lost Boys

He proved himself an able leader of bullies in Stand By Me, but his performance as David in The Lost Boys took him to another level. First of all, he’s a vampire. Have you ever seen a vampire give an atomic wedgie? Let’s just say, throwing your underpants away will be the least of your problems.

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