Kate Gosselin And 9 Other Gratuitous Celebrity Cruises

Tuesday, January 10 by

Dr. Ruth

Dr. Ruth is/was a diminutive German sex therapist that would answer all sorts of nasty question in the 80’s and 90’s. The good news about the people on this ship is that they almost certainly like to f*ck. The bad news is that they also probably liked to f*ck when they were 30, which was in 1975. Her readership/fanbase is old is what I’m getting at.

John Lithgow

John Lithgow was aboard a Silversea cruise in 2009. He reprised a portion of his one-man show (just a portion?) during the voyage from Stockholm to Copenhagen, which sounds like it would be about 45 minutes long.

“Mr. Lithgow! Mr. Lithgow!”

“Yes, you right there, holding up the Ricochet DVD case.”

“Was it just beautiful shooting in the Pacific northwest for Harry and the Hendersons?”

“Yes. It was gorgeous.”

(Beaming) “I knew it.”

Ted Koppel

Silversea, which boasts cruises for guests that offer “an atmosphere that challenges their intellect,” found that Ted Koppel fit that bill nicely. Since hosting Nightline, Ted Koppel has busied himself as a contributor to the Brian Williams show Rock Center. And also, apparently, by entertaining people on cruises.

Koppel gave a lecture on international affairs, and would screen the fourth and final installment of a China documentary he produced with the Discovery Channel.


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