‘John Carter’ And 9 Other Epic Sci-Fi Gladiator Battles

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Dude, seriously, leave the chain. 

All eyes are on John Carter this weekend. Over the last few weeks, Disney has been releasing clips that give us a better look at what we can expect from the science fiction epic. One of the coolest clips so far finds Carter chained in an arena where he has to fight large ape creatures gladiator-style.

This is a classic scenario that we’ve seen time-and-time again in the science fiction genre. Which isn’t to say it isn’t awesome, because it is. See for yourself with these 9 classic examples.

Star Wars: Episode VI – Return of the Jedi

The opening scenes of Return of the Jedi are some of the best in the series. That’s solely because we’re introduced to badass Luke Skywalker. Boosted by the confidence that mastering the Force brings, he strolls into Jabba’s throne room and demands the release of Han Solo. He’s laughed off and thrown into the Rancor pit, where he is to die for Jabba’s amusement. Of course, no one is laughing when Skywalker punks the Rancor.

Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome

After being car-jacked, Mad Max finds himself in the post-apocalyptic craphole known as “Bartertown.” This is where people go to trade food and goods and take in a fight to the death or two. Max finds himself in the arena where he’s forced to take on the mutant Master Blaster, which is technically two against one. Or one-and-a-half against one. Or whatever.

The Coneheads

When Beldar Conehead returned to his home planet, his superiors were less than happy with his work on Earth. His punishment: face certain death when he is oredered to NARFTLE THE GARTHOK. However, narftling the Garthok isn’t as impossible as it seems, assuming you get your golf game down to a score of 65.

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