‘John Carter’ And 8 Other Films With Confederate Protagonists

Monday, March 5 by

Find a Place To Die

No. This grim title doesn’t refer to a secret Kurt Cobain journal. It’s actually the title of a spaghetti western starring Jeffrey Hunter. A remake of Garden of Evil, it tells the story of a woman who recruits five men to save her husband who is trapped in a gold mine. Of all the places to be trapped, that is one of the suckiest.

Birth of a Nation

Though we don’t personally see the protagonist in Birth of a Nation as sympathetic, he was held up to that regard by the filmmakers. The now considered “holy crap that’s racist” film was a big hit when initially released. However, it was and still is very controversial. Black men are portrayed as imbecilic rapists by white actors in black face, and the KKK are depicted as heroes. The public outcry was so intense that D.W. Griffith was forced to produce Intolerance the following year to show depictions of violence throughout history.

The Hellbenders

Though it would make an awesome name for a rockabilly band, The Hellbenders is another spaghetti western. The story takes place after the war when a Confederate can’t let go and attempts to put together his own group of killers to take on the north and the Union army. He’s joined by his sons Ben, Nat and Jeff. I should also note that one of the sons is greedy and another is a rapist. So, yeah. Likeable family.

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