What are some really good Japanese Martial Arts movies? Who doesn't love a great Martial Arts movie? Everyone. Now, who knows the difference between a Japanese Martial Arts flick and say a Chinese one? Westerners usually don't care just as long as there's a lot of action in the film. Well, these five films are packed with action. They are also distinctively Japanese Martial Arts related. Check out these Japanese Martial arts flicks. Then, if you happen to be involved in an argument over Asian cinema, you'll be able to use these examples for fine Japanese Martial Arts inspired films. Chances are, nobody will care, but these films still rock. Here are five cool Japanese Martial Arts Movies.

  1. "Shinobi: Heart Under Blade" (2005).  Who doesn't love ninjas? Well this film centers around a war between two rival ninja clans. Because of this great hatred between the two clans, they are forbidden to shar fighting techniques with each other by Imperial Law. Now, a dastardly third party tries to heighten the already tense situation between the clans by throwing more fuel to the rivalry by hosting a duel to the death tournament between members of the two rival factions. Lots of action and an underlying love story will keep your interest and may even keep your girlfriend on the coach with you.

  2. "Seven Samurai" (1954). Yes, this is an old and dusty, but goody. Whenever you see a title that suggests there will be more than one fighting expert, then you know the Japanese Martial Arts film will be filled with, well, lots of martial arts. Though the film is old and the special effects are still pretty good. The story line is simple but effective. Every year, near harvest time, a group of bandits arrive to pillage a village. The villagers get smart and hire, what else but seven Samurai to protect the women, children, and food.

  3. "Black Belt" (2007). This film has a simple plot, no surprise. But simple plots usually mean that action is added to fill in the gaps. A Karate master needs to name a successor. Well, looky here, he's got two pupils of relatively equal skill. So, what do you think is going to happen. Yeah, they battle it out to see who deserves to be the master's successor. Cool flick.

  4. "Ninja Assassin" (2009). No explanation needed. With a name like "Ninja Assassin" you already know what you're about to witness. There is no real plot. There's just tons and tons of visceral violence and rage on screen. Blood, guts, and death, oh my. If you're in to senseless violence, this is the Japanese Martial Arts flick for you. Enjoy.

  5. "Azumi" (2003). War torn Japan..blah, blah, blah. Warlords, injustice, blood violence, and all. So what? Do you know why this movie rocks? The lead character. Azumi is not only a sword wielding, butt kicking, ninja killer, she's also hot as the sun at high noon in the desert in the summer time. Yeah, go back and read that line again. She's smoking hot. So hot in fact, "Azumi 2" is also worth a view or two.