Jackie Chan And 8 Other Actors With 100 Films Or More

Friday, October 7 by

Martin Sheen (136)

Martin Sheen has made a boatload of movies over the last 44 years, and a lot of them—Apocalypse Now, Wall Street, The Departed— were really good. Still, you can’t help but wonder if maybe he should have spent more time at home with the kiddies during their formative years. Sure, his oldest son Emilio has turned into a well-adjusted adult, but younger son Charlie? Yeah, he seems to have some deep-seated impulse control issues. Speaking as someone with no psychiatric qualifications or first-hand knowledge of the Sheens’ father-son relationship, I feel obligated to theorize that perhaps Charlie needed a little more fatherly guidance as a young man.

John Wayne (166)

They don’t get any better than The Duke. He was so cool, so rugged, so manly—it’s almost hard to believe his real name was Marion.

It’s also hard to believe the guy was in 166 movies.

The most highly-acclaimed of these 166 movies are probably True Grit, El Dorado, The Quiet Man and, of course, The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance. On the other hand, John Wayne’s 100th picture was a rather forgettable WWII flick called Th Fighting Seabees. However, Wayne’s last film, 1976’s The Shootist, was pretty damned good. Of course, with co-stars like James Stewart, Lauren Bacall, and a young Ron Howard, how could it not be?

Christopher Lee (216)

How does a guy manage be in 216 movies?

Well, being old and doing it for a long time certainly helps, and Christopher Lee has got that angle covered. The guy is 89 years old, and he’s been at it since 1948. It also helps to specialize in a sector of the movie industry known for cranking out movies like they’re going out of style.

In this, Christopher Lee and the guy we started with—Jackie Chan—have a lot in common. Chan made a name for himself in Hong Kong martial arts films; Lee got his start in 1950s horror films. Both genres tend to value quantity over quality, and so both actors have been in a ton of movies. If Jackie Chan can keep making movies into his 90s, I see no reason why he couldn’t be the first to join Christopher Lee in the Two Century Club.

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