It’s Read Across America Day, So Here Are 9 Classic Literary Adaptations For Those Of Us Who Hate Reading

Friday, March 2 by


You should actually read Hamlet because it’s an amazingly plotted play. Luckily, it’s also an amazingly plotted movie. And there’s a ton of versions. You got options here starring Kenneth Branagh or Mel Gibson or Ethan Hawke, just for starters.

The Last of the Mohicans

Great book but it’s decidedly lacking in slow-motion shots of tomahawks being thrown into bad guy brains and sternums. Speaking of sternums, lookin’ good Madeleine Stowe. Lookin’ good.

A Clockwork Orange

What would you rather do? Take the time to visualize an entire world based purely off the words whose perfect placement an acclaimed author struggled and fretted over, or just defer to Stanley Kubrick‘s vision? That guy’s SO GOOD at visions!

Do you like this story?

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