It’s Read Across America Day, So Here Are 9 Classic Literary Adaptations For Those Of Us Who Hate Reading

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That Denorex really f***ed them lice up. 

Once a year, a nationwide reading celebration day takes place in order to spread reading awareness to schoolkids. And today is that day! That’s right, it’s Read Across America Day!!

But who has time for all that reading? Yick. Luckily, there are already film adaptations of most pieces of classic literature. The choice is yours. You could spend a week envigorating your imagination and feeding your brain knowledge by reading a book the slow way, or you could watch like twelve books in a day. It’s much easier to eat junkfood the second way.

In honor of Read Across America Day, we’d like to highlight nine classic books that you can just watch instead.

One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest

Yes. You can pour over like a million pages of crazy people sitting around in a room with their mouths hanging open. Or you could just watch them do it. Plus, the film stars Jack Nicholson at the top of his game. It’s one of the best English-language novels ever written, but it’s also a celebrated film with five Oscar wins.

If you just watch it, you’ll have plenty of time left over to play Twisted Metal.

Of Mice and Men

Steinbeck’s classic isn’t really a long book, but it is full of words. Instead you should just watch the 1992 adaptation starring Lieutenant Dan and John Malcovich. And then you should also watch Being John Malkovich. That’s an awesome movie.

The Scarlet Letter

I’ve read this one. Total snore. Plus, no violence and sexuality. That’s where the adaptation starring Gary Oldman and Demi Moore is here to help. And if that doesn’t sound appealing. Just watch Easy A. It’s the same thing kinda-sorta.

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