It’s Nigel Tufnel Day, So Let’s Rock Out With These 8 Spinal Tap Classics

Friday, November 11 by

Airport Security

“Do you have any artificial plates or limbs?” “Not really. No.”

Life is hard on the road, and when you’re a world renowned celebrity you’re always a target. Luckily, the papparazi weren’t on hand.

Rock and Roll Creation

“It ’twas the Rock & Roll creation. It ’twas a terrible big bang. It ’twas the ultimate mutation. Ying was searching for his yang.”

Scientists and theologists have argued for years about exactly how the universe was created. However, while both present solid theories, they are only half right. Spinal Tap posits that the universe and rock and roll were created at the same time. Perhaps the universe was actually the side effect of rock and roll’s big bang.

Bitch School

“You been bad. Don’t do what I say. You don’t listen. And you never obey.”

Even rock stars know the importance of having a well-trained dog. You can’t have your maltipoo trying to sniff Lemmy’s crotch when he comes over to play Ouija.

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