It’s May Day, So Here Are Our Favorite Movie Communists

Tuesday, May 1 by

Kim Jung Il – Team America: World Police

Granted, he’s a historical figure, but can we please agree that the depiction of the Dear Leader in Team America shows him to be a wretched little man who is more concern with roneriness than he is the welfare of his people and the world. Kim Jung Il’s terrible plan was to bomb every democratic country until they were on par with the third-world nations. Sinister stuff.

Fortunately, Lil’ Kim meets his demise by falling on a pickelhaube, which is one of those pointy helmet things that the Germans wore in WWI.

Take that, communism!

The Muppets (Yup, All of Them) – The Muppets

Fox News, the bastion of all that is free and democratic in the world, called out The Muppets for being “anti-corporate,” in their depiction of the movie’s antagonist, Tex Richman, a Texas oilman who is set to tear down the Muppet Theater.

Of course, this would lead me to believe that the Muppets’ tendencies are more socialist than communist, but I’m not here to “split hairs,” or give “the correct interpretations of political ideologies,” so I’m gonna make a ruling. The Muppets are communists.

At the very least, I have a hard time imagining any of them willing to die for their country. Except for Gonzo. That motherf–ker bleeds red, white, and blue.

Gonzo 4 Eva.

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