It’s Groundhog Day, So Here Are Our 7 Favorite Film And TV Rodents

Thursday, February 2 by

Remy – Ratatouille

Remy is a paradox we often see in film. That of a beastly or dirty creature having a heart of gold. Rats are considered disgusting animals because they’re very, very disgusting. If I found out that a rat was cooking my three-Michelin star dinner, I would be very upset indeed. I’d be all, “I ordered this coq au vin WITHOUT the bubonic plague, thank you!” Then the restaurant would comp my dessert, and I would have a great story to tell my friends.

However, that’s real life. In Ratatouille, Remy is an adorable rat that is alienated by his brethren because he’s not content with eating whatever’s laying about.

I feel like Remy and I would be friends if we ever met.

Danger Mouse – Danger Mouse

Not to be confused with one-half of the electronic soul group Gnarls Barkley, Danger Mouse was a send up of British spy tropes, and a very clever one at that. This is not why I got turned on to Danger Mouse. I enjoyed Danger Mouse because it was on Nickelodeon while I was growing up, and I enjoyed EVERYTHING on Nickelodeon.

Danger Mouse wore an eyepatch, which clearly indicates that he lived a life of danger. Hence the name, I guess. I also enjoyed very much the fact that he seemed to constantly be “Porky Piggin’ it.” For those without their fingers on the pulse of fashion, Porgy Piggin’ it entails wearing a shirt with no pants, and it was a fashion statement I made often as a small child, then again for a brief time in college.

World-weary spy, fashion icon – Danger Mouse did it all.

Punxsatawney Phil – Groundhog Day

Of course, with Groundhog Day breathing down our neck, Phil is the impetus for this list, but he’s so much more than that. He’s the symbol of the futility of man’s existence, a simple animal whose ability to see his shadow can determine whether we mire away in winter or bloom in spring.

Also, he’s got these little teeth and whiskers and a man in a hat knocks on his underground door with a cane. It’s so friggin’ cute!

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