It’s Greek To Me! 10 Best Greek Movies Of The 80’s

Tuesday, August 30 by Diana Exil

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Even though television had started to take all the attention in Greek homes during the 80's, movies were still popular enough for the 10 best Greek movies of the 80's to be filmed.  These Greek movies give us an insight into Greek culture and lifestyle.  Some of these movies also show us the exotic destination that Greece is.


“Loafing and Camouflage”

This 1984 Greek Movie is directed by Nikos Perakis.  It tells of Greek life during the Greek Junta.  The movie revolves around a group of conscripts posted to an Armed Forces TV station that makes propaganda.


“Glykia Symmoria”

This Greek film is about a group of Greek youths that look for the meaning of life.   Ironically, they steal, lie, cheat, and live a decadent lifestyle, throwing away social norms.  Director Nicos Nicolaidis seems to highlight this irony of Greek Youths in the 80’s.



This 1983 Greek film is directed by Costas Ferris.  It is a musical about the life of popular Greek singer Marika Ninou.  Mariko is part of a group called the Rembetes, singers and musicians of the Greek equivalent to the blues, in the early decades of the 20th century.


“Landscape in the Mist”  

This Greek movie is about the journey of two children in search of their father.  On the way they meet many people and encounter dangers.  This 1988 Greek film directed by Theo Angelopoulos also won Best European Film of the year.


“Oh Babylon!”

This Greek Movie directed by Costas Ferris is a modern adaptation of an Ancient tragedy. The Ancient Greek tragedy of “The Bacchaeis based on the mythological story of King Pentheus of Thebes and his mother Agavë, and their punishment by the god Dionysus (who is Pentheus' cousin) for refusing to worship him.


“Shirley Valentine”

Shirley Valentine is played by Willy Russel.  This movie, centered in Greece, tells of a working class Liverpool housewifeShirley Valentinestuck in a rut doing housework and generally leading a boring life in England.  Things take a dramatic change when her best friend wins an all-expenses-paid vacation to Greece for two.  Shirley goes along and sees her world and life in a different light.



This Greek Movie is a comedy about a group of Italian soldiers stuck on a Greek island. Stranded when their ship is sunk, they find themselves on an island of women and children.



This 1985 Greek movie is about an American Greek emigrant who is posted back to Greece.  He searches for why his mother was killed in the civil war and in the process, reminisces of his earlier struggles to survive in the occupied Greek hillside.


“Summer Lovers”  

This 1982 Greek movie is about a vacationing American couple in Greece and the sexual liaisons they encounter with locals and fellow tourists.  Aside from the sexual undertone of this Greek movie, there is also a pleasant insight into the scenic Greek islands and its tranquil life.


“Proini Peripolos”

This 1987 Greek Movie is a sci-fi futuristic thriller directed by Nikos Nikolaidis.  A woman in a deserted city tries to make her way into the forbidden zone.  She is joined by other survivors of the abandoned city and they travel together towards the “free” zone. -Diana Exil

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