In Memory Of Dan Wheldon: Our 7 Favorite Movie Race Car Drivers

Monday, October 17 by

2. Cole Trickle

If you can suspend disbelief that Tom Cruise wouldn’t need a booster seat to drive a stock car, then you can’t help but enjoy the melodramatic Simpson/Bruckheimer classic Days of Thunder. That’s right. I said “classic.” It’s got virtually every convention in the genre. Life-threatening accident that has driver questioning his abilities, generically evil rival driver (Cary Elwes), love interest that wants him to know the risks associated with racing, and clichéd dialogue like:

“I’m dropping the hammer.”

1. Speed Racer

I don’t remember much about Speed Racer except that he has a girlfriend named Trixie, which I think is pretty damn cool. He races with a white helmet and an ascot, both of which are pretty cool, but not as cool as his monkey ownership. I’m not sure what purpose exactly Chim-Chim the monkey is supposed to serve, but he’s a monkey. Given the choice between watching a monkey onscreen or not, I’ll pick “watching the monkey onscreen.”

He’s the quintessential good guy, so don’t think about it too hard. Just throw your support behind him and hope he gives hell to that rat bastard Racer X.

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