In Memory Of Dan Wheldon: Our 7 Favorite Movie Race Car Drivers

Monday, October 17 by

5. Driver

Not the most helpful character name, so let me elaborate I am referring to Ryan Gosling’s unnamed character in Drive. Technically, he’s a stunt car driver, but he drives cars for a living, so he makes the list. While the movie is great, it’s easy to appreciate this character based on fashion choices alone. All drivers should wear sick satin jackets at every opportunity. It should be like driving with corrective lenses. No room for debate. If yo drive fast or dangerously, you should have to wear a satin jacket and fingerless gloves to let the world know that you are a bad ass that mustn’t be trifled with.

4. Dominic Toretto

He lives his life a quarter mile at a time. How adorable is that? We can’t NOT love that Corona swiggin’, head shavin’, word mumblin’ fool. It’s hard to know where our love of Vin Diesel’s comically tough-guy character stops and our love of his Dodge Charger (with enough torque to bend the chassis!) starts, but why delineate? He does all the things we can’t do with our Honda Element, like race for pink slips and hijack semis. He embodies all the camp and cheese and awesomeness of the Fast and Furious franchise. For that we love him.

And the tank tops. Oh, the tank tops!

3. Ricky Bobby

Take that, NASCAR! Will Ferrell’s over the top, yet good-natured caricature of a stock car driver makes us want to go to a Sprint Cup race. Granted we would just go to the infield and pass out on top of a camper, but still, it would get us there, so he’s doing NASCAR a service. Talladega Nights is hardly a documentary-level look at the world of professional auto racing, but that’s a really good thing, because I’m boring myself just thinking about the world of professional auto racing.

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