In Honor Of The Neti Pot: The 7 Best Brain-Eating Scenes In Film

Tuesday, December 20 by

Return of the Living Dead

You can’t have a brain eating list and not include 1985’s Return of the Living Dead. In one of the film’s most disturbing scenes, a gang of punks is chased away from their cemetery party when the dead rise and begin to eat them. They seek refuge in the basement of a mortuary medical supply warehouse, however, that’s also where the previously imprisoned Tarman zombie is hiding out. It looms out of the dark and stabs its teeth through the skull of the gang’s leader, Suicide. Tina, Spider, and Scuz look on with horror. It really doesn’t get any better than 1980’s punk names.


You really don’t want to find yourself on Hannibal Lecter‘s bad side. He’s likely to hide out in your secluded lake house, then attack and subdue you before removing the top of your head. Next, he’ll cut out a section of your prefrontal cortex, sautee it, and then feed it to you before finally killing you, at which time he’ll put together a little doggie bag for himself and feed some of your brain to a random child sitting next to him on a plane. He’s the undisputed master of pranks.

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