In Honor Of The Neti Pot: The 7 Best Brain-Eating Scenes In Film

Tuesday, December 20 by

Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom

George Lucas is not much of a fan of Indian food. He and Steven Spielberg caused controversy with a depiction of the thuggee cult in Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom. The film was temporarily banned in India due to the depiction of its people as savages who dine on baby snakes, eyeball soup, beetles, and chilled monkey brains. So insulting. Everyone knows monkey brains are much better served at room temperature.

Blood Sucking Freaks

The pornographic horror exploitation film from the 70’s features a lot of sick stuff. Amongst the controversial torture scenes that include all manner of dismemberment, is one particularly gross scene where the antagonist drills into a woman’s head, then inserts a straw and sucks out her brain. Which leads to the question: Good God, man. Why???! I only hope this hasn’t given Eli Roth any ideas.

Planet Terror

After becoming infected with the virus that is turning his patients into crazed zombies, Josh Brolin‘s Dr. William Block becomes even more sinister. Creepily, he makes his intentions very clear. “I’m going to eat your brains and gain your knowledge.” That’s not really how it works. He’s a doctor and should know better. Unless he was just a normal dude who ate a doctor’s brains and that’s how he got his job. I’ve always wanted to play guitar but I’m too lazy to follow through with lessons. I wonder where Brian May’s brain is right now.

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