In Honor Of The ‘Internet Blackout’, Here Are The 9 Best Movie Blackouts

Wednesday, January 18 by

Darkness Falls

The antagonist in Darkness Falls is a vengeful ghost who can only be harmed by direct light. Sounds easy enough to avoid. However, when a storm knocks out the town‘s power grid, it’s a fight for survival as the spirit seeks revenge by ripping the lower jaws from all her victims. As if not being able to watch TV weren’t bad enough.

Blackoutiness: 1 out of 5


The guys in The Hangover did some pretty crazy things when they were white boy wasted in Vegas. But their night pales in comparison to Jack Nicholson’s werewolf hangover in Wolf. After a night of marauding around the park possessed by a werewolf curse, Nicholson returns to work to find someone’s fingers in his coat pocket. Now THAT’s a black out!

Blackoutiness: 5 out of 5

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