In Honor Of The ‘Internet Blackout’, Here Are The 9 Best Movie Blackouts

Wednesday, January 18 by

The Hangover I & II

I shouldn’t have to explain the plot of The Hangover to you. Three buddies party in Vegas and get blackout drunk. They wake up to find they’ve misplaced their friend. They spend the next day trying to piece together the previous night while completely hungover. Which sounds like a bitch. I have a hard enough time leaving my house for a bagel when hungover. The sequel involves the same plot, except it takes place in Bangkok and an actual blackout is thrown into the mix.

Blackoutiness: 3 out of 5

Live Free Or Die Hard

Angry with John McClane’s constant interference, computer hacker Timothy Olyphant re-routes natural gas in surrounding pipelines toward McClane. McClane happens to be standing in the control center for the National Power Grid at the time, so the explosion knocks out all power on the Eastern Seaboard. Millions suffer great losses when they have to eat all of the food in their refrigerators before it spoils.

Blackoutiness: 3 out of 5

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