In Honor Of ‘The Dictator': 7 More Outrageous Sacha Baron Cohen Stunts

Monday, February 27 by

Ali G vs Andy Rooney

As he’s stressed time and time again via his rants and reviews about can openers that take too much effort, serious journalist Andy Rooney was a man that valued his time. That’s why it’s no wonder he storms out on this hilarious interview with Ali G when he doesn’t take well to Ali’s perception of the media.

Borat Sings Throw The Jew Down a Well

The number one rule for any performer to keep in mind is that you have to know your audience. That’s why Baron Cohen’s Kazahkstani Borat chose the South to try out a new song he’d be working on. What came across as most shocking, however, wasn’t the content of “Throw a Jew Down a Well” but how into it the bar full of Southerners seemed.

This definitely wouldn’t be the ideal place for the actually Jewish Baron Cohen to lift the veil on his ruse.

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