In Honor Of ‘The Dictator': 7 More Outrageous Sacha Baron Cohen Stunts

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Such a butterfingers. 

After much staged back and forth, the Academy finally decided to allow Sacha Baron Cohen to show up dressed like that guy from Chromeo. Or, I guess he was actually in costume as his character from The Dictator. He naturally showed up in style with gorgeous women on his arm and a good friend in his hands… the ashes of deceased leader Kim Jong Il.
While discussing the evening with Ryan Seacrest, Baron Cohen’s Dictator took the opportunity to dump the ashes all over Ryan Seacrest.
Seacrest was visibly angry about the incident but should just relax. It could have gone a lot worse. As evidenced by these seven Sacha Baron Cohen stunts.

Eminem at VMAs

Sacha Baron Cohen is no stranger to commandeering awards shows for his public pranks. While promoting Bruno at the 2009 MTV Movie Awards, Cohen soared high above the crowd wearing angel wings and a thong. When his high-wire harness malfunctioned, he fell into the audience. Upside down, his balls landed directly on Slim Shady’s chin. The angry rapper pushed the comedian off of him and stormed out of the ampitheatre.

It was revealed to be a stunt devised with Eminem‘s full participation after Baron Cohen wasn’t later found in the trunk of a car at the bottom of Lake Michigan.

Bruno Interviews Ron Paul

In disguise as the flamboyant television host Bruno, Baron Cohen sat down for an interview with then Presidential candidate Ron Paul. Rather than discussing Paul‘s economic ideas, Bruno tries to seduce the Gentleman from Texas into making a sex tape with him. Even going so far as to drop trou in front of him. Paul storms out of the room shouting, “This guy is a queer!” At first Paul thought he was just acting European.

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