In Honor Of The Bieber Baby: 9 Paternity Suits Of The Stars

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Robert Blake

When Bonny Lee Bakley accused both Robert Blake and Marlon Brando‘s son of being the father of her unborn child, he insisted upon a paternity test. The results revealed that Blake is in fact the father and he and Bakley were married not long after. This union ended when Blake was accused of shooting Bakley in the head. However, he plead innocent. After all, how could he shoot someone in the head while he was inside fetching his gun? Airtight case.


DMX has fathered two children with two women outside of his marriage. However, he doesn’t remember very well. In fact, he claims that Monique Wayne must have disguised herself as his wife and raped him. He then went on to comment, “I would remember. It ain’t like she’s a pretty girl.”

That must make the missus feel super-good.

Charlie Chaplin

Charlie Chaplin earned his reputation as a tramp. Among his many paramours was an aspiring actress named Joan Berry. The two shared a brief affair until Berry starting acting all kinds of mental n’ sh*t. After they broke up, a pregnant Berry alleged that Chaplin was the dad. Blood tests proved that he was not. However, California law at the time didn’t accept blood evidence, and Chaplin was ordered to pay child support. The law was then changed in light of this case. Which didn’t really help Chaplin out, but those guys on Maury seem pretty stoked about it.

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