A 20-year-old woman came forward today with claims that Justin Bieber nailed her backstage at one of his concerts and left her with child. Though the singer's camp (and lack of pubes) deny his involvement in passing her his seed, you can't help but wonder. Bieber's team said in a statement, "While we haven't yet seen the lawsuit, it's sad that someone would fabricate malicious, defamatory and demonstrably false claims." Which is pretty much their stock response whenever the kid gets caught being an asshole. So again, you have to wonder.

If history is any indicator, this could go either way. Hollywood stars have always been the subject of paternity suits, whether ludicrous or with merit. No one will really know if Bieber is the dad until he submits for DNA testing. And no using hypnosis to change the results, Justin. That's cheating.

At any rate, here are nine celebrities that feel Justin Bieber's pain.

Mel Gibson

Back before he morphed into a sputtering, hate-fueled mess, there were many who were happy to align themselves with Mel Gibson. In 2006, a 29-year-old woman came forward claiming to be his love-child, saying that years earlier (30 years, I would guess) Mel had picked up her hitchhiking mother and then gave her more than just a lift. Gibson has not submitted for DNA testing.

Eddie Murphy

After dating Spice Girl Mel B., Eddie Murphy was skeptical when she told him that she was pregnant with his child. He commented, "I don't know whose child that is until it comes out and has a blood test." Murphy then refused to take a paternity test until the courts got involved. The results proved he is the father of their little girl. However, he has made no attempts to be in her life. Mel B. later went on to marry Stephen Belafonte, a celebrity mooch who is wanted in New Jersey for killing a duck with a brick.

Marc Anthony

Marc Anthony was accused of fathering a child with a Miami waitress while still married to his first wife. However, test results proved that he is not the dad. Despite this fact, he should probably not go back to that restaurant. Lord only knows what will end up in his food.

Robert Blake

When Bonny Lee Bakley accused both Robert Blake and Marlon Brando's son of being the father of her unborn child, he insisted upon a paternity test. The results revealed that Blake is in fact the father and he and Bakley were married not long after. This union ended when Blake was accused of shooting Bakley in the head. However, he plead innocent. After all, how could he shoot someone in the head while he was inside fetching his gun? Airtight case.


DMX has fathered two children with two women outside of his marriage. However, he doesn't remember very well. In fact, he claims that Monique Wayne must have disguised herself as his wife and raped him. He then went on to comment, “I would remember. It ain’t like she’s a pretty girl.”

That must make the missus feel super-good.

Charlie Chaplin

Charlie Chaplin earned his reputation as a tramp. Among his many paramours was an aspiring actress named Joan Berry. The two shared a brief affair until Berry starting acting all kinds of mental n' sh*t. After they broke up, a pregnant Berry alleged that Chaplin was the dad. Blood tests proved that he was not. However, California law at the time didn't accept blood evidence, and Chaplin was ordered to pay child support. The law was then changed in light of this case. Which didn't really help Chaplin out, but those guys on Maury seem pretty stoked about it.

Bill Cosby

After admitting to an affair in the 1970's, Bill Cosby was approached by his former lover's daughter demanding he give her $40 million of his pudding money. Cosby had already given her mother $100K and offered to take a paternity test. His alleged daughter, however, refused the test. She then served 14 months in prison for extortion. Kids say the darndest things.

Chris Rock

A journalist and former actress accused Chris Rock of fathering her son. Rather than wait to see how big the kid's ears would grow, they opted for a DNA test which cleared Rock of being the child's father.

Keanu Reeves

Keanu Reeves was put through a lot of drama when a Canadian woman he swore he did not know claimed he was the father of at least one of her four adult children. She requested $3 million a month in spousal support and $150K a month in child support, claiming she and Keanu had a sexual relationship during and after her marriage. She also alleged that Reeves lived down the street from her and that she had known him since she was four years old. However, she knew him to go by the name Marty Spencer. DNA tests came back negative. She's either mentally-ill, or Keanu is smoother than we thought.

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