In Honor Of State Senator Ralph Shortey, Here Are 7 Notorious Hollywood Baby Eaters

Thursday, January 26 by

Redneck ZombiesRedneck Zombies

Over the years, Troma has done a lot to shock us and gross us out. Why would Redneck Zombies be any exception? The plot centers around rednecks who done go get themselves zombified after distilling whiskey through a drum used for chemical waste. This leads to a scene where they kill a young couple and eat the fetus out of the woman’s stomach. So, yeah. Yuck.

Dingo – A Cry In the Dark

This son of a bitch is probably the most famous baby-eater throughout history. Based on the book Evil Angels, A Cry In the Dark tells the true story of a couple whose nine-week-old daughter disappears while they are camping in the Outback. The couple maintains their innocence with the claim that a dingo ate their baby. However, a scrupulous public views them as pagans who sacrificed their child’s life. Years later, after their imprisonment, it is discovered that the dingo did in fact eat the baby. Which made the public pretty mad. Trust is something you have to earn, dingo.

Do you like this story?

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