In Honor Of State Senator Ralph Shortey, Here Are 7 Notorious Hollywood Baby Eaters

Thursday, January 26 by

Aunt Mei – Dumplings

Bai Ling plays Aunt Mei, a chef who discovers the secret to youthful rejuvenation. Eat dumplings made from unborn fetuses. The results are really effective. Her customers not only regain their young countenances, but they also get really horn. This actually explains a lot about Bai Ling.

Cannibals – The Road

In his quest to provide an unflinching look at the fall of society, The Road director John Hillcoat initially fought to film a scene that showed a gang of cannibals dining on a baby. However, after filming, Hillcoat decided to cut the footage as he felt it was more chilling to only refer to the scene with the intent that horror films are scarier when the monster isn’t in full view. Must have made for a comfortable premiere party. “So, yeah. Sorry about making you guys eat that baby. I guess we’ll put it on the DVD.”

Big-Fat-Ugly-Bug-Face-Baby-Eating O’Brien – Muppet Treasure Island

Not much is known about this rough character, but with a name like that she must be pretty bad. Or maybe it’s an ironic nickname? After all I wouldn’t categorize her as butt ugly. We should get a good look at her butt to confirm.

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