In Honor Of Peyton Manning Leaving The Colts: 6 TV And Movie Franchises That Lost Their Star

Thursday, March 8 by

Steve Guttenberg – Police Academy

This is an instance of the star leaving the franchise because the franchise was EXTREMELY tired by this point. The Police Academy films haven’t garnered a lot of respect among audiences or critics, mostly because they consist of about 15 scenes that can be played in any order without affecting the outcome.

Guttenberg, who most don’t remember was a HUGE star during the 1980’s, walked away from the Police Academy franchise (as Carey Mahoney) after 1987’s Citizens on Patrol. He starred in five films that year, but 1987 served as his swan song, as his career was never the same after that year.

Was it because he quit Police Academy before Assignment Miami Beach, City Under Siege, or Mission to Moscow? Doubtful. Those films were terrible, even by Police Academy standards. The series lies dormant, but there is talk that it will start back up under the careful hand of some Tosh.0 director.

Tobey Maguire – Spider-Man

After three Spider-Man’s (Spider-Men?) both star Tobey Maguire and director Sam Raimi went on to do other things, leaving the franchise in the hands of Andrew Garfield and Marc Webb. The third Spider-Man entry featured a strangely emo Spider-Man, as well as a host of villains, none of who really blew the audiences hair back the way Doc Ock and the Green Goblin did. Thus, Tobey went back to more dramatic fare that allows him to whisper lines from his slight, frail body.

Though we’re still a few months away from The Amazing Spider-Man, it doesn’t look as though audiences are going to miss Tobey very much, with the equally adorable Garfield waiting in the wings.

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