In Honor Of Oscar The Parrot’s Death: 9 Awesome Animal Actors

Monday, August 29 by

6. Katie and Monkey

Monkey and Katie tag-teamed the role of Marcel on Friends, remarkably without the use of prosthetic monkey penises. Together, they also played the Outbreak monkey and had roles in Ace Ventura II and Flintstones II: Viva Rock Vegas. Their poor performance in the latter is the primary reason I cannot ever revisit Viva Rock Vegas. Really, really bad acting.

5. Bamboo Harvester

This horse absolutely owned the role of Mr. Ed, the talking horse. According to lore, the horse was made to talk by applying peanut butter to its mouth, which is certainly the most innocuous combination of animal mouths and peanut butter that I have ever heard of. However, it was later revealed that the horse’s lips were moved with nylon string until it was able to move them on cue.

I hate that horse for tricking me.

4. Mike

Mike played the furry paperweight of a dog Buck on the TV show Married…with Children. Again, restraint was the name of the game here, as this dog was able to sit virtually motionless, save for some labored breathing, for what seemed to be the entire run of the show. Sometimes the audience would be able to hear the dog’s thoughts aloud, but I’m pretty sure that was the work of the producers and a voice actor, rather than a crazy-awesome talent that the dog possessed.

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