In Honor Of ‘Mortal Kombat': 7 Video Games That Deserve A Movie Adaption

Friday, September 30 by

Grand Theft Auto

Sure, we have Crank and a few imitators. But why mess around? Let’s get the sensation that inspired those films up on the screen. The GTA series features a protagonist rising through the ranks of the criminal underworld by taking on missions assigned by crimelords, kingpins, and other sleazy types. In this sandbox game, you have free reign to run around and f*ck up everything you see. Like that Ferrari on the corner? Hop in and crank up Asia. How about that firetruck? Steal it and drive it into a shopping mall. Oh sweet. That helicopter looks fun to fly. You can send it careening into a revolving restaurant.

The games themselves have featured some awesome voice talent. Michael Madsen, Ray Liotta, Burt Reynolds, Dennis Hopper, Danny Trejo, Gary Busey, Samuel L. Jackson, Chris Penn, James Woods, Joe Pantoliano, Jenna Jameson, Frank Vincent, Robert Loggia, Kyle MacLachlan, Phil Collins and Peter Fonda have all played roles. That’s a dream team for any film, let alone a game.

Devil May Cry

Originally intended as a sequel to Resident Evil, the plot of Devil May Cry took a radical departure from the plot of its inspiration. It was then decided to overhaul the game and release it as its own title. The story focuses on a man avenging the murder of his mother by killing demons with extended stylized combat strings. You know who loves to watch extended stylized combat strings? Everybody with eyeballs and the ability to point in excitement.

Batman: Arkham Asylum

Batman has graced the big screen in several incarnations. But we’ve never had a gritty, brutal look at him battling for his very life while surrounded by all of his enemies within the halls of Arkham Asylum. To make matters even doper, the game is written by Batman veteran writer Paul Dini. It also features the crazy awesome voice cast of Batman: The Animated Series. Though, the voice cast probably wouldn’t be right for a film adaptation. Warners can make it up to us by casting somebody reeeally hot as Harley Quinn.

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