In Honor Of ‘Mortal Kombat': 7 Video Games That Deserve A Movie Adaption

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This is great, but what about Zelda? 

The LA Times announced yesterday that Warner Bros is moving forward with a reboot of the Mortal Kombat franchise. This decision was made after a web series of gritty, “more realistic” shorts, titled Mortal Kombat: Legacy, helpe drive sales of the latest  video game in the series to over 3 million copies. The reboot film will be directed by Legacy helmer Kevin Tancharoen.

I can understand the decision to cash in on the revived franchise but it makes me want more. Mortal Kombat had its chance. What about all of the other games that we’ve always wanted to see on the big screen? Here are just a few of the films that could lure us away from our couch and GameStationCubeBoxes.

The Legend Of Zelda

The sprawling adventure of The Legend of Zelda has been ripe for a movie adaptation for a long, long time. It has swords, explosions, monsters, intrigue, and an epic quest. The folks at Nintendo should have rushed this into production years ago. But it has to be the original Zelda — none of this Twilight Princess transforming into a wolf and helping stupid villagers with their gay farming problems crap.


Part The Running Man. Part The Warriors. And part slasher film. Manhunt is excessively violent and therefore would make an excessively awesome film. The stealth game focuses on a recently executed death row inmate who awakes to find he was spared. However, he’s now the center of a snuff film. He’s released into a dilapidated city while bloodthirsty gang members hunt him. Weaponless, he must defend himself in the most brutal fashion with whatever items he can find. Plastic bags, broken glass, baseball bats, hatchets, cleavers, crowbars, and eventually a chainsaw (after squaring off against a Leatherface-like enemy) all become his inventory as he eviscerates the criminal underground.

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