In Honor Of Lisbeth Salander: 7 Movie Chicks That Could Kick Your Ass

Tuesday, December 13 by

Sarah Connor – Terminator 2: Judgement Day

There’s just something about having an unstoppable android sent from the future to kill you that toughens you up. When we first met Sarah Connor, she was a waitress in California. Jump forward eleven years and she’s a tough-as-nails survivalist who has prepared herself for the oncoming destruction of mankind. She can pick locks, bust heads, break arms, do chin ups (the hard kind), and cock a shotgun with one hand. I can’t even do that with a Red Ryder BB gun.

Ellen Ripley – Aliens

Sure, the women we’ve listed above are tough and have certainly been through their share of struggles, but none hold a candle to Ellen Ripley. Introduced in the film Alien, Ripley is a crew member on a deep space mining ship who comes face-to-face with an alien monster. Using cunning and guile she’s able to defeat the terrifying life-form. It’s not until James Cameron‘s sequel Aliens that we see just how much ass Ripley is able to kick. When a little girl is threatened by hundreds of aliens as well as their queen, Ripley hops into a gigantic exosuit cargo loader and fights the beast into submission. And it’s not even her kid! Talk about kick ass.

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