For months we've been teased with images of  The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo's Rooney Mara threatening to headbutt us to death. When she was initially cast, the consensus was, "Huh? What?" But thanks to a couple of excellent trailers, there's no longer any doubt in our minds. Mara has immersed herself in the role of cyberpunk Lisbeth Salander, creating a movie heroine that's likely to go down in history as one of Hollywood's most kick-ass.

She's in good company, and we all owe her our congratulations. Mostly because we fear her.

Don't hurt me! I scar easy!!

So in honor of Lisbeth Salander, here are a few more movie chicks who could kick your ass.

Sarah - The Descent

After suffering a grotesque personal tragedy, The Descent's Sarah has lost a big part of herself. Her bravery has rescinded deep within her, but is called to the surface when a spelunking trip with friends goes awry. Sarah rises to defend herself and her friends when they are attacked by a horde of man-eating underground cave monsters, which proves the old adage -- there's no emotional damage so great that stabbing something in the head with a pick-axe can't resolve.

Diana Guzman - Girlfight

Girlfight was our introduction to Hollywood's resident tough chick, Michelle Rodriguez. Since her debut role as a troubled teen who fights her way into the male-dominated sport of boxing, we've seen Rodriguez play a wide variety of roles including a tough illegal street-racing chick (multiple times), a tough lady cop (multiple times), and a tough Marine/Special Forces chick (multiple times). I'm dead if she reads this.

Jiao Long - Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon

Jiao Long spells trouble for two warriors and a fugitive in pursuit of a stolen sword. Though the warriors are highly skilled and considered the most feared in the country, this teenaged daughter of a nobleman proves she can more than hold her own against them. And we're talking about people who can walk on bamboo leaves, here. I'm not picking a fight with this girl.

Hit Girl - Kick Ass

She might be small in size, but Hit Girl is not to be underestimated. Trained from a very young age to fight crime with excessive force, she's a master of several fighting styles and weapons. As such, she's not a kid you want to anger. If she wants you to buy her a candy bar at the grocery store, you buy her the candy bar. If she wants an additional candy bar, so be it. It's better than having your hand stabbed into the roof of your mouth.

Foxy Brown - Foxy Brown

You really don't want to mess with Foxy Brown, the famous star of the blaxploitation film of the same name. There's no length that Foxy won't go to for revenge. She's a whole lot of woman and she knows it. In fact, this one time a dude made her so angry that she literally castrated him and presented the genitals to his girlfriend. Make your own Shaft joke.

Sarah Connor - Terminator 2: Judgement Day

There's just something about having an unstoppable android sent from the future to kill you that toughens you up. When we first met Sarah Connor, she was a waitress in California. Jump forward eleven years and she's a tough-as-nails survivalist who has prepared herself for the oncoming destruction of mankind. She can pick locks, bust heads, break arms, do chin ups (the hard kind), and cock a shotgun with one hand. I can't even do that with a Red Ryder BB gun.

Ellen Ripley - Aliens

Sure, the women we've listed above are tough and have certainly been through their share of struggles, but none hold a candle to Ellen Ripley. Introduced in the film Alien, Ripley is a crew member on a deep space mining ship who comes face-to-face with an alien monster. Using cunning and guile she's able to defeat the terrifying life-form. It's not until James Cameron's sequel Aliens that we see just how much ass Ripley is able to kick. When a little girl is threatened by hundreds of aliens as well as their queen, Ripley hops into a gigantic exosuit cargo loader and fights the beast into submission. And it's not even her kid! Talk about kick ass.

Keep calm and read on....

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