In Honor Of Lisbeth Salander: 7 Movie Chicks That Could Kick Your Ass

Tuesday, December 13 by
"Now show me yours." 

For months we’ve been teased with images of  The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo‘s Rooney Mara threatening to headbutt us to death. When she was initially cast, the consensus was, “Huh? What?” But thanks to a couple of excellent trailers, there’s no longer any doubt in our minds. Mara has immersed herself in the role of cyberpunk Lisbeth Salander, creating a movie heroine that’s likely to go down in history as one of Hollywood’s most kick-ass.

She’s in good company, and we all owe her our congratulations. Mostly because we fear her.

Don’t hurt me! I scar easy!!

So in honor of Lisbeth Salander, here are a few more movie chicks who could kick your ass.

Sarah – The Descent

After suffering a grotesque personal tragedy, The Descent’s Sarah has lost a big part of herself. Her bravery has rescinded deep within her, but is called to the surface when a spelunking trip with friends goes awry. Sarah rises to defend herself and her friends when they are attacked by a horde of man-eating underground cave monsters, which proves the old adage — there’s no emotional damage so great that stabbing something in the head with a pick-axe can’t resolve.

Diana Guzman – Girlfight

Girlfight was our introduction to Hollywood’s resident tough chick, Michelle Rodriguez. Since her debut role as a troubled teen who fights her way into the male-dominated sport of boxing, we’ve seen Rodriguez play a wide variety of roles including a tough illegal street-racing chick (multiple times), a tough lady cop (multiple times), and a tough Marine/Special Forces chick (multiple times). I’m dead if she reads this.

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