In Honor Of Lindsay Lohan: 7 Actresses Who Waited Too Long For Playboy

Tuesday, October 25 by

Kristy Swanson

Kristy Swanson captured hearts all over when she starred in films like The Chase and Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Then she made dreams come true by taking it all off for Playboy… ten years later. This didn’t exactly spark a comeback, but it did lead to roles on CSI: Miami and the movie Swamp Shark. Why is CSI: Miami always the next step after Playboy? Don’t they realize David Caruso has likely seen them naked by that point?

Tia Carrere

America collectively SCHWINGed when Tia Carrere appeared as the hottest woman in the universe in Wayne’s World. She then went on to higher profile roles in films like True Lies and Jury Duty. This boom died down over the next eight years, leading her to the pages of Playboy. And then to the set of, you guessed it, CSI: Miami.

Denise Richards

Though she wasn’t shy about nudity when she appeared on everyone’s radar in Wild Things, Denise Richards turned to Playboy after her star had already faded. Even CSI: Miami wouldn’t have her. Since then she’s made attempts to reinvent herself as a cougar. Kind of premature. Seems like she still has some MILF gas left in the tank. It’s too soon to take a stab at cougardom.

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