In Honor Of Joe Paterno: 8 Disgraced Movie Coaches

Thursday, November 10 by

Sensei Kreese – The Karate Kid

John Kreese once had it all. A thriving dojo and a pretty sweet sleeveless gi. But all that went away when a kid from Jersey and a maintenance man made him the laughing stock of Cobra Kai Incorporated. In fact, they even had to send in a closer from the home office to help him avenge himself. But what those Cobra Kai d-bags don’t understand is it takes heart to beat the shit out of people the right way.

Girl Scout Team Coach – Dodgeball

Troop #417’s dodgeball coach brought shame not only to the troop, but also the sport itself by allowing her players to juice. She deserves to be thrown out on the league as well as the Girl Scouts of America. I don’t want a cheater handling my Thin Mints.

Coach Norton – Saving Silverman

It was anger issues that got the better of Coach Norton when he killed a referee in a fit of rage during high school game. However, he did his time and owned up to his mistake. The man is rehabilitated. He’s still pro-murder, just less sloppy. In the end, only his fourth string quarterbacks stood by his side, offering him a home, friendship, and sexual companionship.

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