In Honor Of Joe Paterno: 8 Disgraced Movie Coaches

Thursday, November 10 by

Coach Shimizu – The Bad News Bears Go To Japan

It’s bad enough to be the coach of the losing team, but imagine what that must be like as a Japanese coach. Coach Shimizu was likely disowned by Japan when his team lost to The Bad News Bears at the Little League World Championship.

Roy Munson – Kingpin

Though it was his disgrace that lead him to coaching, Roy Munson was offered something so few of us ever get… a shot at redemption. See also: Cool Runnings coach Irv Blitzer and A League of Their Own’s Jimmy Dugan. This is America. Every grizzled bum has the right to inspire and shape minds.

Jack Reilly – The Mighty Ducks

The Hawks coach Jack Reilly wouldn’t know sporstmanship if it palmed a tack and shook his hand with it. He mentally abuses his young hockey players and teaches them that winning is everything, and if you fail you are worthless. He also makes them wear helmets that kind of look like butts. Sicko.

He suffers a deserving fate when his team is beat by The Mighty Ducks and Coach Gordon Bombay, a man who he himself coached in his PeeWee days.

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