In Honor Of Herman Cain: 7 Disgraced Movie Politicians

Tuesday, November 29 by

President Bennett – Clear and Present Danger

While using the CIA as his personal goon squad to avenge the murder of his friend, President Bennett attempts to murder a drug lord with a car bombing that kills innocent women and children. If there’s anything that pisses Jack Ryan off, it’s murdering the innocent. He totally runs and tattles to the Congressional Oversight Committee as the credits roll, which is a shame. Instead, it would have been totally awesome to watch Ryan and Bennett wail on each other on the White House lawn.

Mayor Kuzak – Robocop 2

In an effort to bail Detroit out of debt, Mayor Kuzak agrees to do business with the shady Omni Consumer Products. However, OCP knows that Detroit is like an eternal deadbeat roommate and plans to have them default on the loan. Then, they’ll be able to foreclose and take over control of the city government and replace them with crack-addicted robots, or something. Maybe it was called Nuke. I don’t know. It sounds cooler when Frank Miller tells it.

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