In Honor Of Herman Cain: 7 Disgraced Movie Politicians

Tuesday, November 29 by

Tom Gibbsons – Malibu’s Most Wanted

Campaign adviser Tom Gibbsons was fired for doing a good job. Sure, his tactics almost get his candidate’s son killed. But, his son is Jamie Kennedy‘s wack rapper B-Rad. Small price to pay, I say.

Bob Alexander – Dave

After the President suffers a severe stroke, White House Chief of Staff Bob Alexander hires his exact double to fill his shoes. He assumes the double, Dave, to be his personal puppet that he can bend to his own nefarious agenda, effectively taking over the presidency. His plan fails when Dave forces him to resign and gives the presidency over to the vice president. Alexander is later indicted on several charges. Chief among them, being a d-bag.

Richard NixonFrost/Nixon

It’s a double-shot of Frank Langella. He may not have ascended to the highest chair in Dave, but he got to rule the free world as Richard Nixon in Frost/Nixon. The film centers around a series of interviews between Nixon and British television broadcaster David Frost regarding the Watergate scandal. In the interview, Frost gets Nixon to admit to ethical wrongdoings, something that never happened in a court of law.

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