In Honor Of Herman Cain: 7 Disgraced Movie Politicians

Tuesday, November 29 by
You really gonna eat all that? 

In the midst of sexual harassment allegations and a newly alleged affair, pizza czar Herman Cain is reassessing whether or not he’ll remain in the race. The determining factors, according to Cain, are the toll the scandals have taken on his family, and whether or not he still has the support or if his constituents, some of whom have noticed he’s a shady nutbar. To make matters worse, he shares a name with the bad cyborg from Robocop 2.

No matter what happens, Cain can take solace in knowing he wasn’t quite as bad as the disgraced movie politicians listed below… as far as we know.

Greg Stillson – The Dead Zone

When clairvoyant weirdo Johnny Smith shakes hands with U.S. Senatorial candidate Greg Stillson, he gets a chilling view of the future. Stillson will go on to become President of the United States and later President of Blowing Shit Up With Nuclear Bombs. After the vision, it becomes clear to Smith that he must assassinate him. He makes his attempt at a rally, but misses. However, a spooked Stillson shows his true colors by grabbing a nearby baby to use as a human shield. That’s worse than 1000 Howard Deans.

Adam Sutler – V For Vendetta

If you’re going to head an ultra-Right Wing fascist regime, the last thing you need is a vigilante rising up to challenge you. That’s exactly what happens to Adam Sutler. He creates a police state by violently removing minorities, gays, non-Christians, and the handicapped from the UK. In the end, he is betrayed and murdered in front of his nemesis. It’s a fitting end. Otherwise he’d be reaping the paycheck from Viagra sponsorships.

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