In Honor Of Heavy D: An Examination Of 7 Hip-Hop TV Themes

Thursday, November 10 by


The Martin theme song changed several times over the years, but the message remains the same. The message, of course, is “Mahr-IN!”


Other than that, we’re dealing with that same familiar swing beat, some fake bandleader mumbling some nonsensical shit in later seasons, and that’s pretty much it. Remarkably, this kind of stuff was pretty on-point with about 40% of popular hip-hop during this period, and it was exactly the same kind of thing that Heavy D made a career out of.


We all know this song, and sure, it sounds reggae, but it’s not pure reggae. It’s not unlike Snow’s “Informer,” only the guys that sing this song are really, really black.

Never before has a theme song been so popular. About 90% of the population is familiar with the chorus, and like, 0% is familiar with anything beyond that. I had a friend who owned their CD, and I can safely say that 30 seconds is plenty. It’s almost disconcerting when you don’t hear “COPS follows the men and women of law enforcement. All subjects are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.”

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